Create an emotional connection through story.

Squawkbox Media is a production company that specializes in helping the real estate industry and commercial brands build stronger connections with their audience through cinematic and story-driven visuals that have an emotional impact. Our goal is to tell stories that show your brand values.


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Stories are powerful.

More than ever we consume videos online. How do you stick out in so much content? The answer is good storytelling. A properly constructed brand narrative with a story and powerful visuals can leave a lasting emotional impact. At Squawkbox our goal is to create media that speaks to your audience on an emotional level.

We'll help you craft this content from concept all the way to finished deliverables. 

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Real estate media experts.

Realtors have been mastering the art of local marketing for years and video has become an incredibly effective method of sharing listings online. Beyond just showing the layout of your listing, we strive to bring a cinematic quality and story approach. With a constructed narrative, bringing in the lifestyle features to these projects can help your audience better see themselves living in your home.



Show off your community.


It's now very easy for everyone to research pricing, map distances to jobs and compare advantages on paper. But what about getting a feel for an area and the lifestyle features? What about seeing local hotspots and hearing what makes an area unique over others? That's what the Community Spotlights are all about. It's the perfect way to show your expertise and brand yourself as the must contact local expert.